An outside voice can challenge and encourage our inside voice. We all hear the voice inside of our head. Usually the voice limits us and impedes us from achieving our dreams and goals.

I have spoken to many leaders and future leaders about this limiting voice we all hear and listen to. I remember the first time I was promoted to an executive position. I heard the voice. It told me I wasn’t prepared to do the job. I began to think, “What am I going to do when they figure out I cannot do this job and that there are other people more qualified?”

In reality I knew I could do the job and I had spent many years preparing for it. Yet the voice tried to limit my belief that I was competent. This is where outside coaching can help.

The one thing I have learned is that if you want to get better at something, it is difficult to do it alone. If we allow a qualified outsider, in this case a credentialed coach, put her eyes on the limiting beliefs, we can often see new possibilities. As an executive and credentialed coach, I have always used a trained, outside coach. These coaches have given me a new perspective and challenged me to think differently.

If you want to accelerate your career, strengthen your business acumen, and increase your productivity and performance, then consider a coach. Do your due diligence and find someone who has achieved excellence and success, and then see if she will be a good fit. Find someone you can trust and then ask her to push you and challenge you to become better.

We would love to be the set of outside eyes for you. Let’s see if the Turbiville Group will be a good match for you. We wish you luck finding a great credentialed and competent coach. We encourage you to set your sights on a better version of yourself and to get an outside voice that can improve your inside voice.

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